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Our expert development teams produce comprehensive & customer-friendly eCommerce stores tailored to your specific needs. We offer consulting implementation, customization, and ongoing support of your e-store.


UX / Design

The very first thing a user is going to notice about your mobile app, is its User Interface or UI. Designers work so users don’t have to. An effective and engaging UI can often spell the difference between success and failure of your mobile app. An application built with the perfect UI will help users operate the app in a more comfortable manner while increasing your brand value in their eyes. A bad UI on the other hand can cripple even the best and highly functional apps, simply because the user is not comfortable with the way it feels.

With so many applications out there, design is what separates a very good application from a fascinating and mesmerising application. Humans are sensible beings and as so, are driven by emotions and experiences. A beautiful design not only gives what the user is looking for intuitively but also it makes him enjoy doing so.


The most popular mobile  operating system out there.  Do you want your app to be available to the largest group of users possible? From mobile and tablets on watches, televisions and cars, you can launch an amazing application on the operating system that powers more than a billion mobile devices around the world.

Android is huge. Currently there are just below 1 billion android users, with 1 million activations each day. While iOS leads in terms of revenues, the average Android revenue is growing fast and so the future is bright if you play for the long term.


At Apple, they “think different”. As app developers, we do too. We like to offer creative and customized app solutions for some of your favorite Apple mobile devices. Whether you want to create a custom app for the iPhone, iPad, or newer technologies such as Apple Watch, we can make it. We will stun your customers and clients.

While Android offers an exposure to more potential users, iOS offers more revenue and user loyalty. According to latest reports, Appstore offers 5 times more revenue per download, with much higher user retention rates. iOS also holds a relatively high market share in North America, Europe and Australia (around 50%).


Windows might not have the biggest piece of the mobile share, but for sure has the biggest share in computers. Do you want your app to be available to both to phones and to computers? We can develop you a beautiful application that works both on Windows Phone as on Windows.

While Android and iOS takes the biggest piece of the market of tablets and smart phones (around 90%), Windows takes the biggest piece in computers (around 91%). Developing for Windows means developing not only for phones and tablets, but for all these computers in the world. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is already here and it is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. We are one of the first companies implementing solutions with Oculus Rift for this upcoming new market. If you want to make a simulator, a tourist route, a medical application or anything in a complete new way of interaction, come to us. We have the right solution to amaze your clients.


2016 will be the year of Virtual Reality. All the big companies like Facebook, Samsung, Microsoft and Google are already in the run with their products for the next year. Do you want to be one of the firsts?